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Grilled Maple Salmon

Grilled Maple Salmon

This tasty grilled salmon recipe makes for a perfect fast and easy family dinner. Topped with a slathering of Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup, it tastes great and it’s great for you. Try this award-winning recipe and find out why everything tastes better with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup.

pouring Maple

Healthy Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners

We’ve been making 100% pure maple syrup straight from the tap since 1928. Our maple syrup is made from the best Mother Nature has to offer — the really good stuff. Every golden drop is rich in flavor, which makes it the perfect all natural sweetener for just about anything.

Anderson Family

The Anderson’s Maple Syrup Family

Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup is a natural and nutritious sweetener. It has one of the lowest caloric levels while also containing more minerals, nutrients and vitamins than other common sweeteners. Plus, as a source of natural energy it metabolizes quickly, acting as a fuel when you exercise.