Customer Testimonials

We enjoy our pancakes and were a tad shocked to read the ingredients on the cheap syrup we normally use. We decided to try Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup and honestly WOW! What a difference! Fantastic quality and taste! Super simple ingredient. No going back now! We get it!

B.P. from Wisconsin

I wish to tell you that once we tried Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup, there has not been any other in this house! Caring for four grandchildren five days a week, I have become a stickler for using foods that are as non-processed as possible. I grew up with Aunt Jemima and until I began reading labels, it would be on my breakfast table, but not anymore. Thank you for a quality product that is the ‘real deal’, as my husband calls it. We will continue to enjoy it as long as I am putting french toast or waffles, etc on the table.


My husband had a stroke a few years ago and it affected his taste buds. He saw your syrup in the store and decided to try it….loves it. This is the real deal and he said it reminded him of the Maple Syrup he had at his grandparents. Happy customer thanks!


I love Anderson’s maple syrup. I use it in grilling recipes as well as on breakfast. My grandson, doesn’t like anything else on his pancakes or french toast! I’ve met the family and they are just fantastic people!


So so good! I’ve only had true Maple syrup a couple of times but WOW this is GOOD. It’s one you drip just a little extra on your finger to enjoy right away!


Took a trip back to Wisconsin for breakfast this morning! Picked up some different syrup this trip and tried it for the 1st time today. YUM!!! Waffles topped with the most delicious APPLE SYRUP ever! Good-bye Maple, Hello Apple!!!


Had a great breakfast this morning! Awesome maple syrup! Thank you Dees Motorsports! Wishing Neil another awesome year in Snocross!


I just wanted to send you a quick note to say that your syrup is the BEST! I’ve tried many different brands over the years and yours beats them all. Thank you for an excellent and always tasty product. Your VERY satisfied customer.