Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills make some of the best grills out there which is why we have partnered with them for some of our giveaways in the past. Not only do they have great grills but they also have some awesome recipies on their website check them out here

Fall Colors 9/30/2021

There is a chance of storms for this weekend. Hopefully, the wind won’t be too bad and the leaves will be able to hold on. The trees that are in the open and more exposed have turned but the ones that are sheltered a little more have just begun to change.

We are Solar Powered

Not only our trees are solar powered — NOW our building is solar powered as well! 

With a product that is dependent on a healthy environment, Anderson’s Maple Syrup believes it is important to work toward zero emissions in our processes. If solar power is good enough for our trees, it should work for us. That is why we asked MC Power and Legacy Solar to install a solar system to power our facility and further reduce the amount of carbon we produce. During the summer months, we should produce more electricity than we use. That extra electricity is pumped back into the grid, to provide clean energy to our neighbors.