Bacon wrapped “Fatty” glazed with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup


Take strips of regular cut bacon and create a basket weave the approximate size to wrap a 1 pound (or whatever size you have) tube of breakfast sausage (like Jimmy Dean’s). Sprinkle your favorite rub on the bacon and place the roll of sausage at the bottom end of the weave. Roll the sausage and the bacon up to create a tightly wrapped loaf.

Place in the smoker at around 250-275°F. Cook until the bacon is almost done to your liking. Start glazing the “Fatty” at this point with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup. Keep glazing every so often until the bacon is as crispy as you want and the internal temperature of the sausage is at least 165 degrees. Pull at this point and let rest for a few minutes. Slice and serve.

Goes good with biscuits or english muffins.

– Submitted by John Sayut