Gratitude and responsibility are the basis of our sustainability practices. We are immensely grateful for the hard work, integrity, quality and care that have been handed down by our predecessors. We are grateful for the soil quality and maple forests that exist in this part of the world. We are grateful for the photosynthesis that creates sweet sap every Spring. We are grateful for the hard work of many hands turning that sweet sap into pure maple syrup. We are grateful for the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of our pure maple syrup. Out of this gratitude flows a responsibility to ensure the health of our forests, quality of our product and integrity of our business.

Most of our final product is sold in glass and plastic. Both are recyclable and we encourage everyone to do so. We are able to recycle over 80% of the waste we create every year.

We have invested in energy
saving technology such as LED
lights, high efficiency furnaces, Most of our power comes from our solar pannels,
and we continue to look for
more ways to cut our energy

We, along with our syrup producers, operate under forest management plans, with a goal of maintaining a healthy, diverse hardwood forest that will sustain itself for future generations. This creates a Climate Positive reality!

Our company follows fair labor practices, as do our
suppliers and vendors. We value our employees,
their families and those we do business with.

We proudly support our local community
by participating in fundraisers, events,
and activities.

We are an equal opportunity employer.
Diversity only makes us better!

We actively work to keep our employees and vendors healthy and safe.

We actively support our local and national maple syrup industry through memberships and volunteering. These organizations promote interaction between land, farmer, community, and consumer.

We support and love working
with family farms. We currently
work with over 100 different
family farms. As a family run
business we prioritize family in
everything we do.

We value the importance of being fair and honest in our business practices. Since 1928 we have built our business on solid, open relationships with our producers and partners.

We are Climate Positive! This simply means that we create more positive outcomes for the environment than negatives. In an age where many companies are consuming natural resources and producing carbon our maple forests actually absorb more carbon than our production techniques create. Of course, we still use some natural resources and produce some carbon, but over-all the trees that we work so hard to keep healthy absorb 1.25 times more carbon than we produce.