Fall Photos

  • Fall Colors 10/12/2021
    Most all the leaves have turned, Hopefully, we have some still days for a while so we can enjoy them before the wind takes them down the rest of the way.
  • Fall Colors 10/5/2021
    If we haven’t hit the peak yet we are really close most of the trees have changed to their fall colors, hopefully, it will be still for a while so we have time to enjoy them
  • Fall Colors 9/30/2021
    There is a chance of storms for this weekend. Hopefully, the wind won’t be too bad and the leaves will be able to hold on. The trees that are in the open and more exposed have turned but the ones that are sheltered a little more have just begun to change.
  • Fall pictures 9/27/2021
  • Fall Colors 9/23/2021
    Fall colors on 9/23/2021 Some of the treetops are starting to change and develop their color