Unfortunately, we are no longer offering this program

My Anderson’s Maple

“My Anderson’s Maple” is an opportunity for you, your family or friend to get to know a real, live Sugar Maple tree in the Wisconsin Northwoods and become part of a sustainable family tradition.

This year-long program features a ready-to-frame, letterpressed Certificate of Adoption which provides the GPS location and specific background on an adopted tree. As an honorary sugarmaker, you are invited to tour the sugarbush, visit your tree and see what our family is up to. In addition, you will enjoy email updates for fall color change and spring harvest as well as a chance to get to know your tree using GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth.

For maple syrup lovers, don’t forget Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup made from your adopted tree and others in our surrounding sugarbush. Along with a Certificate of Adoption, the “My Anderson’s Maple” gift box contains a bottle of maple syrup, pancake mix, and maple popcorn.

Finally, for every “My Anderson’s Maple” purchase, a donation goes to plant a tree in America’s forests which will help restore areas damaged by wildfire, where critical wildlife habitat has been lost, and to clean our air and water. Our family is proud of its ecologically sustainable tradition and is committed to forest conservation and environmental stewardship.

Become a part of the proud maple syruping heritage of Wisconsin’s Northwoods. The sugar maple is the Wisconsin State Tree and every March 15th to April 15th is proclaimed Maple Syrup Month by Wisconsin governors. When people think of Pure Maple Syrup, they may think of Vermont, but Wisconsin is the 4th largest producing state in the country and we want to make sure people know our syrup is just as good as the Vermont syrup – and probably even a little better!

Printing of your Adoption Certificates

We choose this unique letterpress printing process to help create a unique certificate for you to be proud of sharing and displaying.

A Special Thank You to the Island City Research Academy

This group of Junior High kids from Cumberland, WI was gracious enough with their time to come out and help us mark and map each tree for our “My Anderson’s Maple” program. They took many pictures and were given a tour of our woods and shown how we take syrup from the tree to the bottle. Some of their pictures are here, but the rest are on their website. This group of kids is lead by Cheryl Schnell – thank you guys!