Case of 4 – 128oz. (1 gallon) Grade A Dark

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(Case of 4)



Case of 4 – 128oz. (1 gallon) Grade A Dark Plastic Jugs

Considered “table grade” maple syrup and is best used as a topping, as you would normally use syrup, such as on pancakes, waffles, french toast or ice cream – but also makes a great meat glaze. This syrup has a delightful maple taste.

All of the pure maple syrup sold on our website is U.S. Grade with a dark color and robust taste, unless otherwise specified. We find that most people enjoy Dark Robust because of its pleasant flavor – it’s not too strong and not too weak, just the right amount of that pure maple flavor. The Anderson family’s 90 years of experience and the IMSI’s guarantee of purity will ensure you’re getting a quality product from us every time.

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