128oz. (1 gallon) Pancake Syrup Jug

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Sometimes you just want a ‘touch’ of maple flavor on your pancakes, waffles, or french toast, right?

Then you want our famous Pancake Syrup.

This ain’t yer mama’s syrup though!

It’s a blend of Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup with a cane sugar solution to give you that super light flavor from your childhood, without all the imitation junk you find in the big factory-made syrups.

We never use imitation ingredients. Our Pancake Syrup is all natural, with the maple flavor you expect from a family that’s been cooking it up for nearly 100 years.

Order a bottle (or ten) TODAY, and we’ll ship it to ya!

Or look for it in a store near you… because the pancakes are almost ready!

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