12oz. Anderson’s Apple Syrup

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Remember caramel apples at the fair?

Crunchy with that sweet, smooth, sugary flavor?

Nothin’ like it.

Except Anderson’s 100% Natural Apple Syrup, that is!

We make it from select fresh-squeezed apple juice. Then we combine it with sugar in our time-tested, family recipe.

It’s kinda like being 10 years old again at the county fair!

What can you eat it with? Just about anything! Dip your apple slices in it! Maybe drizzle it on your ice cream?

It’s also amazing on grilled meats, especially pork! Just brush it on a few minutes before they’re done! Yummm!

Maybe a little on your bacon or sausage for breakfast? Of course, it’s also awesome on pancakes, waffles, and French toast!

Order a few bottles, today!

Or look for it in a store near you… because you know you wanna be 10, again!

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