Case of 12 – 12oz. Glass Maple Syrup

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(Case of 12)



Remember when your mom made pancakes for the whole family?

Waking up to the scent of smoked bacon frying in the cast iron skillet?

Yeah, we do too!

Because the Anderson family loves sharing breakfast together.

Even in this fast-paced world, shouldn’t we take time to sit down and eat great food together?

Of course, we should!

And what’s better than a pancake or waffle breakfast with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup?

Not much…

Our Grade A Dark Pure is what grandpa Paul Anderson began cooking up nearly 100 years ago. Back then, he made it simply to share the distinct taste of Wisconsin’s Northwoods with the family and a few friends.

We’re still making it, just like he did, one batch at a time, but now we do it for our family AND YOURS!

This stuff is great on everything!

We don’t even keep sugar in the Anderson house. We put maple syrup on everything, as well as in our coffee, and Steve (Paul’s grandson and now head of the company) grew up pouring it on top of his ice cream! It’s still his favorite way to eat it.


Grab a bottle or ten, today!

Don’t know where to get it?

You can order it here, and we’ll ship it to ya!

Or look for it in a store near you


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