32oz. Grade A Very Dark Jug

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Can you smell maple syrup drifting on the smoke?


Where’s that coming from?

Norman’s grillin’ pork chops ’n’ brats again…


Do you love the flavor of maple syrup like we do?


Ever cook with it?


Then you wanna try our Very Dark Pure Maple Syrup with that distinct taste of Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

With an even bolder maple flavor and darker color than our flagship syrup, it’s great as an ingredient in your favorite recipes, or as a baste on the grill, especially on bold flavored meats.

Then you’ll know what maple syrup’s really all about.

Because maple syrup shouldn’t be confined to breakfast!


Grab a bottle or ten, today!

Don’t know where to get it?

You can order it here, and we’ll ship it to ya!

Or look for it in a store near you

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9 reviews for 32oz. Grade A Very Dark Jug

  1. Thomas Olek (verified owner)

    So good I buy it in bulk. This syrup is good on or in anything. My morning breakfast normally includes an ounce on my oatmeal and dash in my coffee, I wake up craving it.

  2. Della Henderson (verified owner)

    Best i’ve ever had! Thank you for the speed it took for me to get it!! It was worth the wait and I’ll ONLY be using Anderson’s maple syrup from now on.

  3. Nancy Vermillion


  4. Rick B (verified owner)

    My wife and I have searched and tried many maple syrups and by far this is THE BEST MAPLE SYRUP we have ever had.

    Not only that but Anderson’s is absolutely wonderful to work with and their customer service is great.

  5. Bob Hartwick (verified owner)

    If that’s “cooking grade”, there’s some awesome ‘cookin’ going on in my mouth right now! God bless the sugar that flows from the leaf! 🍁😘

  6. Rob (verified owner)

    …”And on the eighth day God created Maple Trees…”

  7. Tony (verified owner)

    The flavor is unreal – strong maple flavor that adds to whatever food you add it to.

  8. Jeffrey Tolson (verified owner)

    One of the finest syrups I have ever had the pleasure of tasting

  9. Amy Miller (verified owner)

    My favorite maple syrup is the “very dark maple syrup”!!! It’s so good on pancakes and waffles, especially when the maple syrup is warmed up just a little. And it’s fantastic in baking and cooking. We basted our bacon covered turkey with the dark maple syrup during the holidays, and it was amazing. We have found so many uses for it. My daughter and her family love it too. It makes a great gift.

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