Sugaring Season 2019

Current Conditions

Cumberland, WI

43° Mostly cloudy

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Short and long term weather forecasts are one of a syrup producer’s best tools to help them prepare for a sap run. Cold nights below freezing with daytime temps above freezing will always get that sap moving.
In addition, a falling barometric pressure that accompanies an approaching storm will also increase the local sap run.

Season Summary

These are strictly observations on what’s happening in our area and generalizations on what we THINK will happen. Please note that every area is different and should, therefore, be tapped accordingly.

April 18th 


Well, the season is over.  For most producers, it is a time to finally catch up with some long lost sleep and that overdue list of chores.  At least this year was a good year and that makes the long days and nights worthwhile.  Great news for the rest of us too.  Plenty of great tasting pure maple syrup for another year. 





April 9th 


The season has been going strong the past few weeks and most producers in our area are reporting 70 to 80% of a crop and expect that it will be an average season by the time everything is over.  It is and has been a little warm the past few days, but with the big snow storm coming our way, we are sure that will extend the season at least for those that have not experienced tree budding yet.  Tomorrow should be a big day with the strong front moving in.






April 2nd 

So the weather is really yucky, but exactly what we want to make the sap run.  It has been running hard while this front was moving in.

Winter Mix

March 27th 


Well, the season is here and most everyone is off to a good start.  I would say close to 20% of a crop already.  We need it to cool off a little bit and it looks like that might happen this weekend, so pray for snow and cold nights.





March 22nd



It looks like the season has officially started and is off to a great start. The donut holes around the bottom of the trees are starting to form, always a good sign.  The 10-day forecast looks good as well.  Happy cooking everyone





March 18th 



The weather has been kind of icky

And the snow is so very sticky

The taps you will find

Will be running in time

But getting to the trees is quite tricky

 Actually, this version two from last week and the weather is pretty nice this week, and you will notice all our trees are now tapped.  I have heard of few around the state that have even made syrup if you haven’t tapped, I think now is the time.


March 14th

The weather is kinda icky,

and the snow is so very sticky.

Better get those taps out soon,

don’t miss the flow,

don’t miss the flow,

don’t miss the flow.

– I know it is corny ? 

Forecast looks ideal, but I am not sure how the heavy snow cover will affect it.  It is time to get those taps in, at least the yard trees should be running.


March 7th


 It has been a long snowy and cold winter in Wisconsin, but Spring is coming!  Tapping has started at larger sugarbush’s in the area, but we are holding off for a little warmer forecast, which is coming soon.  I wanted to show how much snow was in the woods, but my scale is off by a foot.  I know we have less than some area, but we are about 24” in the woods right now and expecting more this weekend.  Happy Tapping!