Sugaring Season 2018

Current Conditions


Short and long term weather forecasts are one of a syrup producer’s best tools to help them prepare for a sap run. Cold nights below freezing with daytime temps above freezing will always get that sap moving.
In addition, a falling barometric pressure that accompanies an approaching storm will also increase the local sap run.

Season Summary

These are strictly observations on what’s happening in our area and generalizations on what we THINK will happen. Please note that every area is different and should therefore be tapped accordingly.

April 26th
It appears the season is coming to an end. It is not yet quite clear how the crop is everywhere, but I think it is clear that the overall crop is down. Our area is 50 to 60% of normal. There are some pockets that had a good year. How did you do? List where you are from also when commenting on your crop. Thanks!

April 19th
It has been a slow go this year for sap. If the season ended now it would have been a very poor year for most. Good News is the season is not ending now and it looks like the rest of this week will be a the best yet. We all need to pray for cooler weather than is forecasted for next week and it freezes at night. The long range does not look good (too warm), but with all this snow on the ground, I think that may hold the temperatures down, I hope the weatherman is wrong!

April 11th
There has not been much to talk about the past several days. As you all know it has been cold. I am still optimistic that the season will be a good one and production will start again today. The next few days look good, with a rain, snow mixture in the forecast and temperatures in the upper 40’s. Round 2, or is it Round 3 starting today. It appears most of Wisconsin is between 25 and 60% of a crop. How are you all doing are you half way yet?

April 4th
We continue on our same trend of cold weather. There was a pretty good run this past Friday, which was followed by 10 to 12 inches of snow – at least in our area. Not much has happened since, we received another 5 or 6 inches of snow yesterday and forecast does not look to be above freezing anytime soon. I visited some other sugar houses on Friday and found that just 60 miles south of us they are at a half crop or better, with a great quality syrup. Our area is down a little, but there is still plenty of season left. This might be one of those years we make syrup in May?

March 28th
I think I am starting to sounds like a broken record, but it is coming things are finally starting and I think today may be the best day yet, if not it will be here soon. I know this seems late, but really a slow start can mean a good long season. Enjoy the run today and hope for more great runs to follow. Happy Easter!

March 22nd
Well, I was wrong again! There has been little to no sap runs in our area as of yet, but I am sure this weekend will bring a good run. The east side of the state has been making syrup and further south of us as well. I know some in our area have sap, but it was just not enough to start up the evaporators. The snow has melted enough around the trees that a good sunny day and weather above 40 should get things flowing. My dad always said that our average first cook was on the 20th of March, well today is the 22nd, so we are right on track. Good luck everyone.

March 14th
Hang onto your sap pails. This is the week!,
At least I am optimistic this is the week. With some sap running last Saturday, I think the trees are ready. By this weekend I would guess most everyone in the state will have cooked. Those with north slopes or cold woods, may have to wait a few more days but for the rest of us the weather looks good for a great start to our season. Don’t forget the first tree tapping in Barron, WI on Saturday alsofind more information at

March 9th
Another week of not much action, but I think it should have given everyone time to get set up and ready to go. For those of you that have not yet tapped your trees, this weekend looks like the perfect time to do it. According to my somewhat unreliable weather app we have some 40 degree days coming next week. The sun when it is out is very warm and this has been one of those winters that we all remember as kids. So I am expecting a good run this year, which will hopefully start next week. Good luck all.

March 5th
Well… There was a little run on Saturday, although it looks like things will be slow going until after this snowstorm moves through. Depending on how much snow we get, it looks like next weekend could be our first good run of the year. So for all those that are waiting, I think it is time to make sure you have all your ducks in a row for next weekend. The storm could change that, but now we are getting the time of year where the trees will be ready to run with the temperatures are right. Good luck everyone finishing up this week and weekend.

Feb 28th
It is that time of year again. Spring is just around the corner and sugar makers around the country are preparing for another great year. I make not predictions, only guess and conjecture. I feel like this could be good year for us in the Midwest. Many areas of the mid-west had a poor crop in 2017 and with the great snow cover and colder weather, I think we are on track for a normal spring, FINALLY! Larger producers that put out vacuum and lots of tubing are well underway and some are even through tapping. While the weather that last few days and the next few looks promising, I still feel we are about 2 weeks from the beginning of the season. Those that can tap all their trees in a day, it would be my suggestion to wait it out, as there looks to be colder weather coming for next week. But by the middle of March it will be time to hit it. Good luck tapping!