The Sugaring Season

The weather

Short and long term weather forecasts are one of a syrup producer’s best tools to help them prepare for a sap run. Cold nights below freezing with daytime temps above freezing will always get that sap moving.
In addition, a falling barometric pressure that accompanies an approaching storm will also increase the local sap run.

Current Conditions


Cumberland, WI

43° Mostly cloudy

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These are strictly observations on what’s happening in our area and generalizations on what we THINK will happen. Please note that every area is different and should, therefore, be tapped accordingly.

2021 Season Summary

March 29th 2021

We made it through the warm weather of last week and are back to making good syrup again.  It still looks like it will be a short year in this area, but one good week could change that.  If I had to guess this might be our last week of production.  I know some areas south and north of us are not doing as well and some are doing better.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed for more good weather.

March 19th 2021

It has been a very busy week for most syrup producers.  Sap has been running steady and most producers are a little short on sleep. So if you see a syrup producer cut them some slack this week.  The warm weather coming this weekend has some of us concerned, but it will give producers a nice reprieve and chance to get caught up until the next run which looks like it will be the middle of next week.  I know it sounds bad, but pray for cold and miserable weather 😊  Picture attached is syrup boiling and almost ready to draw off.

March 15th 2021

The Maple Season is well underway. It was also the official start of the Maple Season in Wisconsin.  The annual First Tree Tapping was this weekend in eastern Wisconsin and Alison in Dairyland was on hand to read Governor Evers proclamation.

The central part of the maple belt in Wisconsin had a nice run over the weekend and what I am hearing from most producers in that region, which we are also a part of, is they are close to a 1/3 of a crop so far.   The snow we received yesterday should only help to prolong, what is shaping up to be a good season.  It is a great time to be in the woods, the crisp air and sounds of sap running in the woods.

March 2 2021

It is that time of year again.  Everyone is out in the woods tapping trees and the snow is melting.  Sap has been flowing on the warm days, no big runs yet, but the forecast looks promising.  So if you are looking to make some syrup this year, it is time to get out there and tap your trees.  The season is upon us.  Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks for reading my ramblings this season and don’t forget to use more maple syrup while you shelter in place.

Try some in your next glass of milk!  A bedtime favorite at the Anderson household.