Wholesale Customers

If quality, service and a truly American product are what you need, then Anderson’s Maple Syrup will give you just that. We offer a varying array of sizes and packaging for grocery retail, food service, private label and restaurants. At Anderson’s, we’ll work with you to determine which grade of syrup best meets your requirements and which package size is best for your process.

With 90 years of experience, we understand the service and quality our retailers and wholesalers need. That’s why we take our process one step further than most syrup packagers. While many reheat syrup to a minimum temperature to package it, we bring every batch – whether it’s bulk or retail pack sizes – to a boil.

This extra step is necessary to bring you and your customers the finest quality syrup. It guarantees a properly packaged and sealed container and brings back some of the freshness that pure maple syrup can lose after storage. In short, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything tastes better with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup.

  • Our 100% Pure Maple Syrup meets all food safety standards
  • Wholesale products on time – when you need it
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Products supplied in easy-to-handle containers
  • Private labeling and barcoding available
  • The highest quality customer service