Wholesale Customers

If quality, service and a truly American product are what you need, then Anderson’s Maple Syrup will give you just that. We work with small and large companies alike and in many different areas of food service. From privately labeled bottles for grocery retail to bulk sizes for restaurants, distributors, and processors, we have 90 years of experience to ensure you have the right product in the right size for your needs. Over the years we have also formed relationships with many trucking companies to ensure that your syrup gets to you on time.

With 90 years of experience, we understand the service and the quality our retailers and wholesalers need. That’s why we take our process one step further than most. While many reheat syrup to a minimum temperature to package it, we bring every batch – whether it’s bulk or retail pack sizes – to a boil. This extra step is necessary to bring you and your customers the finest quality syrup. It guarantees a properly packaged and sealed container and brings back some of the freshness that pure maple syrup can lose after storage. In short, we go the extra mile to ensure that everything tastes better with Anderson’s Pure Maple Syrup.

We are currently certified Kosher and have certified organic products available. The most recent development is our SQF Certification you can read about it
here. Steve Anderson put it best, “Our family has always worked hard to provide quality, pure maple syrup. That hard work and dedication has exemplified food safety and quality standards. We value the trust our customers put in us. This Certification is just the next step in retaining that trust and in making it easy for everyone to do business with us.”