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Retail Sales

Stock your shelves with our top-rated pure maple syrup, renowned for its delicious taste and creating loyal customers.

Restaurant & Food Service

Elevate any dish with our premium maple syrup, perfect as a luxurious topping or an integral ingredient.

Private Label

Boost your brand with our private label products, designed to increase your margins and build customer loyalty.

Bulk Maple Syrup

Choose from a variety of sizes and grades to meet all your culinary and commercial needs.

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Our Story


Founded in 1928 by Paul and Clara Anderson, Anderson’s Maple Syrup began as a family hobby to sweeten the breakfast table. From those humble beginnings, the business has since passed through three generations, with each continuing to expand and innovate.

Today, it is managed by their grandson Steve Anderson and his wife Alison, under whose stewardship the syrup is sold nationwide and used in a variety of products. The Andersons shifted their focus entirely to syrup production in the late 1940s, selling their farm assets to grow the business. It remains a family-run enterprise, with direct involvement from all family members.

The company’s dedicated staff has become an extended family, helping the Andersons maintain a commitment to environmental sustainability.

As a longstanding, women-owned family business, Anderson’s Maple Syrup emphasizes the importance of pure, quality syrup, encouraging consumers to verify ingredients to ensure authenticity.

The family invites inquiries and values customer interaction, fostering a connection that extends beyond the product itself.


The Spruce Eats Names Anderson’s Maple Syrup Best Overall

Some pure maple syrup can be an investment, and Anderson syrup is no exception. Some call it “a luxury that is worth having.” If you’re looking for darker maple syrup, Anderson’s has you covered.

Anderson’s Maple Syrup wins Insider’s review of 5 Maple Syrup brands

“Anderson’s dark syrup had an amazing flavor. It was sweet, but not overly so, and it had some earthiness to balance everything out. “

Taste of Home Names Anderson’s Maple Syrup Best Budget Maple Syrup

“But just because Anderson’s is affordable doesn’t mean it sacrifices flavor. This deep amber syrup had the perfect consistency for drizzling over slices of French toast. Flavor-wise, this syrup has a well-rounded flavor”

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